Event Etiquette

This blog was written by guest blogger; Laura Lynn Kessler, a 15 year member of the Miss Rodeo America Organization and is currently serving on the National AdvisoryLaura Kessler 4 Council along with being an MRA Ambassador .

I have been blessed to live in the rodeo queen world for over 35 years. As the queen coordinator for the fun queen visit to Florida and the Silver Spurs Rodeo each year, I have just a few ABC thoughts to help you plan your busy travel schedule from the view point of the Event Committee. Communication and organization are the key to having a less stressful and successful time anywhere you go.

Planninga) When invited to an event/state/rodeo, contact them right away with your attendance intentions. It’s okay if you can’t go or have to wait to know, but notify them your time frame availability and how you may assist them. Some of you can sing, trick rope or speak another language and that may help their event.  b) Fill out all pertinent paperwork completely and email/scan or FAX ASAP.  During email contact, check frequently for messages and reply promptly, including your title and contact phone numbers. c) Know information about your destination, such as Dates/Times/History and anything special you might be asked during interviews or presentations. d) Know your schedule details before traveling, like clothing or equipment requirements and items such as spurs, chaps, tearoffs, or your state flag.

Laura Kessler 5

Onsitea) Always dress/makeup for success. Just because you are away from your advisor or tired, does not mean you should not sparkle and be your best.  b) Be on time. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready or travel to that event. This is so you don’t stress the committee or yourself out. Many times you will need a briefing of your duties prior. c) Be respectful of the schedule and all the works and favors it took to plan your amazing Laura Kessler 2trip. Do not attempt to change it, leave early or refuse to participate unless it is immoral, illegal or against your religion. d) At many events you will carpool. Leave with who you came with or make sure to tell them who you are traveling with if your prior arrangements have changed.  This will keep you from getting left at an event or unsafe situations.  Always call your event coordinator for travel problems, they are responsible for you.

Communication a) Let the coordinator know if there are any problems while you are there like horses, your host/hotel situation, other queens, your health, or the event and it’s committee itself.  They can’t fix what they don’t know about. b) Respect fellow queens/committees/host family whileLaura Kessler 3 traveling, attending, and staying at events.  We are all wired differently so compromising, patience and a little grace are the best way to handle issues like this.  It’s only for a short time and you never know what someone might be dealing with. c) Keep posting and tagging appropriate pictures while attending events.  This media helps obtain and keep future sponsors.  d) Don’t forget to send thank you notes promptly to the event planners, the special locations, or sponsors you may have visited.  Sponsors and vendors want to know what they are donating is appreciated and will be happy to repeat their generosity in the future.

Remember, You will always find joy when you are organized, appreciative and spread Laura Kessler 1kindness to those around you during a trip.

Be blessed and safe on the rodeo trail

Laura Lynn Kessler

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