AQHA Blog – What is ERU?



A horse at my barn was diagnosed with ERU – what is it?


Equine recurrent uveitis (ERU), also known as moon blindness, is a painful condition where repeated occurrences of inflammation in the eye can cause permanent damage. The inflammation may cause career or even life-ending complications, explains Jacquelin Boggs, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM, senior technical services veterinarian with Zoetis. ERU is the most common cause of blindness in horses worldwide.1

ERU is characterized by repeated occurrences, or flares, over the course of the horse’s life. The painful flares can reoccur months or even years apart; however, the interval between flares often shortens over the horse’s lifetime. With ERU, the horse’s immune system inappropriately attacks normal or host proteins in the eye, causing damage that can lead to blindness.

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