Meet the Queen – Miss Rodeo Texas

The historical city of Fort Worth, Texas is where I call home. I know I am home by theMiss TX 1 fresh smell of cattle, a bumpy car ride down Cowtown’s original brick roads, or the sound of someone greeting me with a big ol’ Texas HOWDY! My home has more to offer its visitors than what meets the eye. You can watch the twice daily cattle drive through the Stockyards, grab a mighty fine steak on any block, or watch the Stockyards Championship Rodeo every Friday and Saturday night. Now that is what I call true Texas living!

On June 15th, 2017, I was crowned Miss Rodeo Texas in San Antonio, Texas. What a whirlwind of emotions these few short months have already been. I am blessed beyond belief and excited to see where the Miss TX 5future will take me. My first appearance was with one of Miss Rodeo Texas’s major sponsors, San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Their volunteer appreciation dinner was the warmest welcome into this title I could have imagined! My next stop was a fundraiser for the non-profit organization, Reckless Rangers, that provides equine therapy for veterans suffering from PTS. I am a firm believer in supporting our troops on and off the battle field, and hearing success stories from this program really impacted me.

My first time to be announced on horseback as Miss Rodeo Texas was at Cheyenne FrontierMiss TX 4 Days, and what a sweet moment this was for me! Flying down the track, adrenaline pumping, and seeing a stadium full of rodeo fans was a memory I will never forget. The parade was incredible because at every turn, the streets were lined with natives and tourists without a gap between crowds!

Lastly, the pancake breakfast was an indescribable event. We flipped and caught pancakes to feed thousands of people. It took a bit of athleticism to keep from dropping and spoiling any pancakes, but by the end of the day we were pancake professionals. Cheyenne Frontier Miss TX 3Days was the perfect first out of state appearance for me, and I will cherish my memories at this rodeo forever.

I credit my rodeo queen career to my mom for handing me a flyer at a rodeo and asking if I wanted to compete for Miss North Texas High School Rodeo. We did not know what we were getting into! Fortunately we were able to attend a rodeo queen clinic before the pageant with Pam Minick, Miss Rodeo America 1973 so we were able to get an idea of what to expect. Since then, I have been blessed to hold the titles of Miss THSRA, Miss Rodeo Jacksonville, and Miss Rodeo Austin. Each was a unique experience that helped to shape me as a young woman and prepare me for my future.

I want to encourage other cowgirls to take these opportunities to gain life tools and improve yourself. If it had not been for a family friend taking me under her wing andMiss TX 2 showing me the in’s and out’s of queening, then I probably would not have had the courage to participate in pageants. I want to be that example for other girls who do not know where to start, but want to get involved. There is so much negativity in the world that young women have to face through social media and their peers, and I want girls to take every opportunity to build each other up with constructive criticism and kind words. That is what rodeo queening is all about!

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