From Rodeo Queen to Rodeo Committee – Ensuring the Legacy Lives On

Being crowned Miss Rodeo Texas 2012 is still one of the greatest accomplishments of my Rosana Pace 1life and something that I am most proud of.  In Texas, we are very fortunate to have such a strong supportive committee and Board of Directors who work year-around to ensure that our state pageant is successful.  As Miss Rodeo Texas, I was very blessed to have a great team of individuals supporting me to help me to achieve my goals.  Transitioning from Miss Rodeo Texas to a member of our Executive Board was something that I realized I really wanted to do within a couple months of my reign.  This organization means so much to me and I want to give back and do my part ensuring that the legacy of Miss Rodeo Texas lives on.

Fast forward to 2017; and I have now been on the Board of Directors for going on two years and am currently the Co-State Director.  I really enjoy working with our reigning queens throughout their year as Miss Rodeo Texas and helping them prepare for the Miss Rodeo America Pageant.  Being a former, I feel that I am able to give the girls insight and tips based on my experience, making it less stressful for them.  The transition from being Miss Rodeo Texas to a member of our Board of Directors has been a fun, rewarding and sometimes challenging journey at times.Rosana Pace 2 While I was always very appreciative of our volunteers, I must admit I didn’t fully realize how much it takes behind the scenes to keep things going when I was a queen.  From securing sponsors, to negotiating pageant venue contracts, producing the pageant, scheduling appearances and coaching the reigning state queen there is a lot of time, love, Rosana Pace 3and a few tears that go into it all.  Recently, on a phone conversation with Marjorie Murphy, former Miss Rodeo Texas State Director and National Director, I told her that I have a whole new respect for her and how much of her life she gave to us young women.

It is so important that as formers we don’t just crown the next winner and go home.  I strongly encourage formers to dive into their state’s organization and give back so that other young women Rosana Pace 5have the same opportunities to fulfill their dreams.  In order for out state programs to continue to grow and thrive we must give back.  For some it may be sponsoring something during the pageant, while for others they may decide to join their state’s organization it all plays a role into keeping state programs running.  My whole life I have always tried to live by the motto of leaving everything better than how it was when I found it.  I hope that years down the road I can say that I helped play a role in making the Miss Rodeo Texas pageant better and that the scholarships and opportunities for our queens have increased. Rosana Pace 4

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