Meet the Queen – Iowa

Hailing from the rolling farmlands of Southwest Iowa, my name is Logan Kinyon, your Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017. I officially call the small town of Creston my hometown, but reside along a gravel road with a view of a pond and grazing horses through the timber. Miss IA 1Living my entire life in a rural farming community, I have always had a love for agriculture and horses pumping through my veins. With a Bachelor’s in Agriculture Business from Northwest Missouri State University, I have used that passion to start a career in the equine feed industry.

Growing up on an acreage brought a new lesson everyday. From responsibility to the heartbreak of loss, my character and values were built on our farm. I became unsatisfied with riding for fun and wanted something more. An interest for competing with my horses quickly became evident. That interest grew from joining the local 4-H club to competing at American Quarter Horse Association shows in horsemanship and western pleasure. When I reached my junior year of high school, I craved a change in my equine involvement and urged my parents to allow me to compete in the Iowa High School Rodeo Association. They thought I was crazy. Neither my parents nor I knew the first thing about rodeo but after several days of pleading, my parents agreed to support me. My rodeo career had begun.Miss IA 3

Prior to becoming a high school rodeo contestant, I was completely unaware of the rodeo queen world. I remember seeing the Iowa High School Rodeo Queen for the first time and thinking, “Who is that? Can I be her? WHERE can I get amazing clothes like that?” I quickly became obsessed with the women who represented rodeo with class. In 2011, I competed for the title of Miss Rodeo Lenox but didn’t walk away with the title. Over the next year, I worked hard to become a better version of myself. My hard work paid off and I became Miss Rodeo Lenox 2012. I went to the Miss Rodeo Iowa pageant as visiting royalty that year and it was there I caught the fever to take my competition to the next level.

After graduating from college in 2016, I entered the Miss Rodeo Dallas County pageant. Once again, I did not win. After the coronation, I was sitting in the crowd with my family enjoying the rodeo performance. I turned to my mother and said, “I’m going to run for Miss Rodeo Iowa.” She got a confused look on her face and replied, “You can’t be serious.” Miss IA 2

With only a month before the application deadline, I requested my packet that very night. I had a new feeling of determination that I had never experienced before. After three months of endless preparation, my dream had come true. When my name was announced as the newest member to the Miss Rodeo Iowa family, I was overcome with emotion. I couldn’t contain my tears as Shelby Chapman handed me a bouquet of roses and placed the crown on my head. I will forever cherish that memory as I entered a sisterhood with a select few members. In the end, every loss and set back I endured has lead to the ultimate dream of competing for Miss Rodeo America.Miss IA 4

When my parents first put me on a pony as a toddler, they never thought I would be where I am today. It’s crazy to think that my life would be forever changed by taking just one step outside of my comfort zone by joining high school rodeo and becoming motivated through my experiences.  For this reason, I now live by the quote, “Life BEGINS at the END of your comfort zone.”Miss IA 5

So far this year I have traveled over 15,000 miles. To follow my year, “like” my official Facebook page, “Logan Kinyon- Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017.” You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram at “Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017.” It has been an amazing journey thus far and I suspect the final six months of my reign will be even better.

I hope to meet you all down my rodeo road. Until then, happy trails and God bless!

Logan Kinyon

Miss Rodeo Iowa 2017

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