Wrangler Network Blog: The Nation’s Best Livestock Head to Kissimmee for RNCFR

wrangler network

At the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo, you can expect to see only the baddest bulls, the best high-flying bucking horses, and the quickest Corriente steers!

Many don’t know it, but in any rodeo performance, the livestock is just as important as thewrngler network 2 contestants who are competing. Heck, in the rough stock events, they make up half of the rider’s score, so it’s critical that they, too, are talented animal athletes. In rough stock events, the animal receives a score up to 50 points, and the rider gets a score of up to 50 points, which is how they get their final score out of 100 points.

wrangler network 3What most people may not realize is that these livestock athletes are treated better than many household pets. We mean that! They are well-groomed, receive routine veterinary care, inspected for health and injuries repeatedly, and they eat like cattle kings. Stock contractors work very hard to keep their livestock happy and safe all the time. These are essentially their pets – they just aren’t housebroken.

We’d like to congratulate the stock contractors who were selected to participate in the 30th anniversary of the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo this April!

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