AQHA Blog-Understand Your Horses Disease Risk

Vaccinate annually to help ensure optimal horse health and performance.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Zoetis


Understanding equine diseases and your horse’s risk level is key to protecting his health. Vaccination is the best way to help keep your horse healthy and performing year-round.

The American Association of Equine Practitioners, the leading group of equine veterinarians, breaks equine vaccinations into two categories: core and risk-based. Core vaccinations are those that every horse should receive at least annually, while risk-based vaccines are recommended for horses with individual risk profiles, depending on age, geography, housing or role.1

“When it comes to core equine diseases, it doesn’t matter if your horse travels off the farm or not – they can affect a horse that never leaves his pasture just as much as a horse that regularly travels,” says Dr. Kevin Hankins, senior equine technical services veterinarian for Zoetis. “At minimum, be sure all horses are vaccinated for the five core equine diseases.”

Core Equine Vaccinations1

Annual vaccination against the following diseases is strongly recommended for all horses…

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