Why Being a “Good Girl”is not a Bad Thing

gg 3This article was written by blog contributor, Alexis Bloomer

I have always been the girl that looked for the best in others, chose kindness over bitterness despite the let downs, the girl that has constantly strived for more out of life and wanted to inspire others to follow suit. Thus, the Good Girl Movement was created. For over a year, I have been working with a publishing team to create the book for the #GoodGirlMovement. The book and its over 15+ chapters is about millennial women and all the issues we face today, including societies expectations. Today, there is a negative connotation that comes with the term, “good girl,” but to me, a good girl is; a woman that avoids drama, maintains a positive image, doesn’t fall into the negativity of society or social media, she walks with grace, choses her words wisely and stands for something. The good girl realizes that some things are not for sale and she strives to make the younger version of herself, proud. Most importantly, she is a hard worker that goes after her dreams and always practices kindness. The good girl will be challenged for her beliefs but she will win in life because she is relentless and passionate and she knows that you cannot beat a woman that never gives up. She is the type of woman that will always wear an invisible crown because she realizes the crown is not on her head, but rather in her heart.

goodgirl 1The Good Girl Movement truly does embody what I believe a queen should be. Today, society has taken class out of the picture and replaced it with scandal. However, in one small but close circle, they still act like the queens before them and selflessly chose to represent something much bigger than themselves. How special is it that in the Miss Rodeo America organization, they are one of the few groups that has not compromised their reputation to fit the standards of society? You, belong to one of the few organizations that still stand’s for something.

I know that the crown might get heavy at times and you’ll wonder if it would be easier to just be like everyone else, but if I learned anything from the Good Girl Movement, it’s that you’re not alone. There are far more women that feel alone because of their virtues and feel left out because of their passions. It is so much more rewarding being the girl that is different. As, Miss Rodeo America, you are different and you are held to a higher standard. According to the Good Girl Movement, “Good girls thrive on pressure and enjoy being the woman you can count on when the world needs you most.”

Being Miss Rodeo America, you are put in the spotlight and serve as the official Ambassadorgg 4 to our historic sport. This platform allows a young woman to be a role model to every little girl that is trying to find herself. If you change even one life, your sacrifices are worth it. Miss Rodeo America and the Good Girl Movement are not that much different, both of us are working towards instilling class, responsibility, kindness, poise, grace and passion back into the world.

Good girls are solid and unbreakable because they know who they are. They might not wear a crown everyday, but they know that they are rare, just like the crown that sits upon Miss Rodeo America’s hat.

To join the movement, follow us on social media: @goodgirlmovement  or check out our website, www.thegoodgirlmovement.org!

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