Meet the Queen: North Dakota

cassidy-paige-5 The southeast corner of North Dakota is where I call home. Living by the banks of the Sheyenne River outside of Lisbon is where I thrive. My name is Cassidy Rasmusson, your 2017 Miss Rodeo North Dakota. I am pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Education with a minor in Extension Education at North Dakota State University.

Not growing up on a farm or a ranch, rodeo queening came very unexpectedly to my family. When I was about nine years old I got my first horse. That horse was the beginning of a lifetime full of memories. She led me to being where I am today, and every stop along the way. Throughout high school I was very involved in choir, basketball, track, FFA, and 4-H, which gave me much of the knowledge and confidence that I have today. Both of those organizations gave me amazing opportunities, including placing nationally at the National Western 4-H roundup in horse judging, as well as at the National FFA contest in Louisville, KY in horse evaluation. Cassidy Paige 1.jpgWhen they say that it takes a village to bring up a rodeo queen, it really does. My rodeo queen journey began at age ten, competing for the title of Miss Rodeo Fort Ransom Arena Association Princess, a local title. Going into that pageant my hair didn’t hold much of a curl, and I couldn’t have told you what a rodeo queen wing was. After that pageant my cassidy-paige-3village began to grow. Leading up to Miss Rodeo North Dakota I was honored to hold the titles of Miss Rodeo Fort Ransom Arena Association 2011, Miss Rodeo Ransom County Fair 2012, Miss Rodeo Hankinson Sand Hills Saddle Club 2013, Miss Rodeo Sargent County 2014, and Miss Rodeo North Dakota Winter Show 2016.

In October I was crowned Miss Rodeo North Dakota 2017 at the Badlands Circuit Finals Rodeo in Minot, ND. The start of the new year brought the official start of my year as Miss Rodeo North Dakota. In just one month this title has taken me just over 4,000 miles to Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, and of course North Dakota. Now that this journey has just started, I can’t wait for the rest of it. Plans are being made to travel to Florida, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Wyoming, and all over my own great state.

To me the title of Miss Rodeo North Dakota is more than a crown. This title is an opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone else, to keep the Western lifestyle thriving, and to let the world know that dreams do come true.

cassidy-paige-2To my village and everyone that has helped me along my crazy queen journey;  I wouldn’t be doing the things I do,  going the places I go, or even be half of the individual that I am, without every single one of you. Thank you, and I hope I can continue to make each and every one of you proud.

From the state where the sunflowers grow and the honey flows, this is Cassidy Rasmusson, Miss Rodeo North Dakota.


One thought on “Meet the Queen: North Dakota

  1. You are so lovely, and You not only represent your title you represent your county, your rodeo peers and your family. We are very proud of you, wish you the best of luck in your travels.


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