MRA Pageant Day 3

The Miss Rodeo America contestants had a full day today, with personal interviews, fashion show rehearsals, and the Hall of Fame Gala.



The day began with personality interviews, this is one of the most important components of the entire competition. The interviews provide real face to face time with each contestant and the judges. Miss Rodeo America contestants dressed in western business formal attire. The judges were the only ones knew what kind of questions would be asked and what kind of responses were  acceptable. All of the 32 contestants believe in the western heritage and were able to share their values and beliefs during this interview.

In general, judges seek a young woman who embodies the  western culture and portrays attributes of MRA. Miss Rodeo America is professional, well-spoken, ambitious, hardworking, goal-oriented and can represent the sport of rodeo with style, grace and intelligence.

The contestants had the opportunity to spend time with the Miss Rodeo America Scholarship Foundation for their lunch break. The MRA  Scholarship Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that has raised more than $100,000 this year to support the educational endeavors of MRA contestants. At the end of the pageant, every girl will receive at least $1,000 in scholarships. During their time together the contestants had the opportunity to personally thank the board members and hardworking people behind the foundation.
After their luncheon personality interviews continued until the late afternoon. The contestants  then returned to their rooms to prepare for the most formal event of the pageant, the Hall of Fame Gala presented by Montana Silversmith. The event was open to the public, which allowed the state queens to showcase the class and elegance of true Western women and MRA.

Some contestants were outfitted in classic, full leather gowns, others were adorned in glitter and lace.  Every dress was unique to each girl, many specially designed just for them. Each contestant was interviewed by Steve Schorr , and were asked questions about information from their application.

Hall of Fame inductions concluded a long Tuesday. Two new members were inducted into the Hall; Courts Saddlery the official MRA Saddle Sponsor and Justin Boots the official MRA Boot Sponsor!



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