MRA Pageant Day 2

Today highlighted the horsemanship and written test portions of the MRA Pageants. The contestants started off the morning early, as they had breakfast and then headed out to the South Point Hotel and Casino for horsemanship. This was the first year the the horsemanship was live streamed on the MRA Facebook page, so fans at home imagecould cheer on their favorite competitor, from afar.

Laura Kessler opened the performance with the National Athnem as Miss Rodeo America 2016, Katherine Merck displayed the colors horseback. The contestants preformed a set reining pattern as well as rail work. They rode a different horse for each section.

Each contestant  got the arena to themselves as she completed the set pattern on a horse provided by Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR) stock contractors. Horses imagewere judged by the WNFR pick-up men. Then, in groups of 11, the contestants completed rail work on a different horse. They were asked to walk, trot, lope and back their horses up under the watchful eyes of the judges.

The reining pattern and rail work allows the contestant to showcase their horsemanship ability in different aspects.

The MRA Pageant Horsemanship Top Horse Award was given to Bronc Rumford! The winner of the horsemanship award will be announced Sunday, Dec. 4th at the MRA Coronation.


Following horsemanship, the contestants took their written tests and had fashion sho w rehearsal! Tomorrow will be personal interviews! Be sure to send your favorite contestant an email at with the state in the subject line.

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