WEATHER GUARD World Standings Watch: Trevor Knowles & EARL

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Two Well-Earled Machines
WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standings Watch
Trevor Knowles and EARL

Knowles & Earl

We talked briefly last week about the Steer Wrestling and the thundering hoofs coming from outside the Top 20, and saw proof of that with Trevor and his horse Earl on Saturday Night in Caldwell, ID.

The two veterans, Earl (20 yrs old) who tied for 2nd in 2014 for PRCA/AQHA SW horse of the year and Trevor (12X WNFR) teamed up for a 3.9 sec run. This led to the victory lap, Montana Silversmith Spurs, a YETI Cooler, and enough cash to move him within striking distance. Trevor is now 18th in the WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standings with $43,416.

Trevor also wore a special buckle of his dad’s that night. Read Susan Kanode’s story here for more on that.

Richie Champion Weather Guard Blog

Also, for the 1st time since February we have a new leader in steer wresting, Ty Erickson from Helena, Montana now #1 with $76,651. This will be the third trip to the WNFR for the 2011 Resistol Rookie of the Year and former high school and college champion in Montana. He is without a doubt one of my favorites to win the title this year, especially after placing in 5 rounds in 2014 and 7 rounds in 2015. If he does as well or improves only slightly he will be unstoppable come December. He is a mountain of a man with the athletic ability of a former first-team all-state center at Capitol High School in Helena, MT. His bio says 6’5’’, 240, but I feel like a 6th grader standing near him. Watch this man!

And keep your “watch” on Richie Champion who showed up around Cowboy Thanksgiving, but it took him through Cowboy Christmas to hit his stride and is now for the 1st time this year he’s in the top 15. He won Caldwell, ID this weekend to add to his quick list of victories since his 1st event in 2016 in Ft. Smith, AR where he won $76.


Then Richie won these:
Deadwood, SD – Days of 76 Rodeo
Livermore, CA Rodeo
Home of Champions Rodeo in Red Lodge, Mont
Chief Joseph Days – Oregon
XIT Rodeo & Reunion in Dalhart, TX

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