Pageant Prep; Photogenics

This blog was written by guest blogger Devin Sisk- Miss Rodeo Texas 2009!

imageIn the words of Marjorie Murphy, “A first impression is a LAST impression” and often times your photo is the first thing that judges, committees and media personnel see. It is extremely important to remember that people make judgments on photographs very quickly.

Here are some pointers to make sure yours is a great one.
Choosing Your Photographer

There are many wonderful and talented photographers in the industry today; however, knowing how to eliminate shadows around cowboy hat might be a foreign language to some. Ask your photographer questions like “Have you ever photographed rodeo queens before”? “May I see examples of headshots that you have taken”? After looking at their work and deciding if they are someone you want to work with, ask about price points. A great photograph is RARELY free, but it certainly does NOT have to break your bank. Choose a photographer has proven quality work and is affordable.

Pre-Photo Day

Planning your photo day is just as important as the actual picture day itself! These tips can save you some time and stress leading up to your photography day:
KISS- Keep it SIMPLE, Sweetheart. Plan your outfits ahead of time and choose colors that bring out your best features. Less can often be more here- Never wear anything that is going to take away from YOU. Do not go overboard on too many outfits or large jewelry. Ensure that all hats/clothes are clean, shaped and pressed ahead of time.
• Make sure you are feeling well and are rested. Fatigue and stress show in photographs.
Practice doing your hair and makeup. The more you do it, the better you will get! You should be a master at being “picture perfect” by photo day to eliminate the stress of it not being what you want in photographs.
Have ONE person plan to go with you. An extra eye for an out of place hair or helping hand is extremely beneficial. On the contrary, having too many voices and opinions on picture day can create pressure that does not produce natural photographs.

THE Photogenics Picture
Opinions will vary from judge to judge on what makes a good headshot; however, these are general pivotal standards in a great photo.image
Smile genuinely. No faking it! Your photo should make me want to be your friend.
• Keep your background plain- horses and saddles are great for autograph sheets, but you are applying for a job and there should be no background distractions in a pageant photo.
• Most pageants ask for a “bust shot”. Keep your photo from the bust up, hands out of the picture and never allow the photographer to crop part of your hat. Make sure your hair is away from your face and that your hat sits properly and straight on your head.
• Choose a photo that you look and feel like YOU in. It should be warm, inviting and eye-catching. Just like you!

Having a great photograph shows your judges, your pageant committee and the media that you are presentable and ready to promote their association. Remember, you never get a second chance at a first impression…Make sure yours is positive and lasting!


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