Pageant Prep; Rodeo Queen Hair


This blog was written by guest blogger Melynda Sletten Miss Rodeo South Dakota 2014!

imageMy name is Melynda Sletten, Miss Rodeo South Dakota 2014 and owner of Platinum Salon & Spa. When I first started rodeo queening it was hard for me to get the perfect hair. It was so opposite from what I was doing in the salon. Working with and learning from the other queens helped me learn different techniques and strategies. With a lot of trial and error, I have been able to master the perfect queen hair.

It is always a good idea to talk to your stylist, getting your haircut and color into good shape, so your hair looks and feels healthy. People have different hair types, so something that works for your friend might not work as well on you. Layering your hair is a must! Layers give your hair lots of volume, regardless of your personal hair type. Some people have very thin fine hair that never gets long, so I recommend using hair extensions to add fullness, length and body to accentuate your look. The ones that I use in my salon now are the same ones I used as Miss Rodeo South Dakota, Easihair Pro tape in extensions. These extensions are the best option for your hair, because they cause the least amount of damage, require minimal maintenance, and last 6 to 8 weeks.image

When styling your hair, make sure you are using the product that your stylist recommends for your hair type. Just think of it this way… if you buy a horse trailer, you would buy insurance on it, right? You need to do the same with your hair. Get product from your stylist to maintain your cut, color and hairstyle. Hairspray is a must, in order to make sure your curls and wings last. Kenra, Big Sexy, Surface, and Pureology are all great hairspray choices. To save time and save your hair, always use dry shampoo. My favorite dry shampoo is Kenra dry texture spay because it increases texture and fullness in the hair by 278%.

You may have heard rodeo queens debating over hot rollers or curling irons. It just depends on what works, and holds the best for you. Remember, everyone has different hair. I feel the best hot rollers are the ones that the clip in and their rollers get heated up to produce an amazing curl. The best curling iron I use in my salon and on rodeo queen hair is a BioIonic Stlye winder medium barrel. This curling iron doesn’t have an inside coil to heat up, so the whole rod is heated, preventing any cold spots in your curl. Plus, it heats up in seconds!image

I saved the best for last! For most of us, this is the hardest thing to master; WINGS! Kenra Dry Texture spray, root lifter, backcombing powder, or dry shampoo really gives you a grip in your hair to make it easier to backcomb and create lift. After backcombing, smooth out your hair to make sure it doesn’t look messy and ratted. Next, put on a baseball cap and shape the wings, spray with hairspray, and lastly, blow dry on low in an upward position.

If you need any advice on any of your hair care needs feel free to give me a call at the salon (605) 216-0724. Good luck, and have fun this summer!



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