Thoughts From a Rodeo Queen Mom

This blog was written by guest blogger Shelia Jacobs mother of Miss Rodeo Texas 2014- Alex Ingram.

imageHi! I’m Sheila Jacobs. My daughter is Alex Ingram, Miss Rodeo Texas 2014. I loved every minute of being a queen mom, even though I must admit I was tired at times!

I would recommend all moms attend every event possible to capture all the precious moments behind the scenes. The years will fly by and photos will help bring focus to the blur of the queen years. You will often times be the sole support she has at events. Please keep a positive attitude for her when times get crazy and encourage her to do the same.image

Support your daughter in every way possible, even when she’s tired or has an idea you may not agree with. Odds are, she has researched and invested lots of time coming up with her ideas. This is your daughter’s time to shine and grow! She will gain life imageexperiences that will change her for the better! She will meet so many people. Encourage her to respect all those she comes in contact with. Make sure she sees you treating all those you encounter with the same respect. You want your state well represented and respected!

Follow through on what she asks you to do. Build up her self esteem, especially when she’s feeling down.

Always remember this is her time to shine! You’re there solely as support.
These are some of the best times of your life! Sit back and enjoy watching your daughter blossom into a fabulous adult!image


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