Thoughts From a Rodeo Queen Mom

imageThis blog was written by guest blogger Joni Jespersen mother of Miss Rodeo Nebraska 2014 Gina Jespersen and  Joni currently serves as the Miss Rodeo Nebraska National Director!


                                                Mind over Mental Management!!!


Being a “Queen Mom” is fabulous! What’s not to love? Right? Crowns on Cowgirl Hats, Bling, Fashion, Boots… Lots of Boots. Truly, a daughter and a mother’s dream. But, when the crown comes off and placed in its case; the most amazing Greeley Hat in its hat can; Montana Silversmith jewelry placed in the jewelry box; Kippy’s Jacket hung in the closet and Justin boots placed in their boot box; what remains is my daughter!

One of the things, a mother of a Rodeo Queen, worries about is the confidence of their daughter; as she travels thousands of miles, encountering hundreds of people, visiting the greatest of rodeos from the largest to the smallest ones there was one constant thought that went through my mind “how is my daughter’s mental attitude holding up?”

Joni1Gina ran for Miss Rodeo Nebraska two times. The first time she was ready! She did really well and felt very confident in how the competition went – all the way up to the moment, sitting in the arena, when another wonderful young lady, Miss Samantha Chytka’s, name was announced and not Gina Jespersen. Good thing we were off to Alaska for her cousin and our nephew’s wedding the next day. The Final Frontier seemed the appropriate place to be why pondering the loss she had just faced.

Fast forward a year; College Graduation was even closer and things were going well until Gina called to tell me she was going to run again! What????? I thought you were done – she said well I am not! I really want to represent Nebraska as Miss Rodeo Nebraska.

In the process of re-thinking whether or not to run again for MRN Gina received a CD in the mail on Mental Management from a friend of ours, Vicki Thompson, featuring Heather (Bassham) Sumlin; Certified Director of Performance Programs from Texas.  Her son, Frank Thompson; a Silver Medal Olympic Rifleman had special training in Mental Management from her father.

The Mental Management® System; is a recognized mental training program that is taught to and used by World and Olympic Champions throughout the world. Lanny Bassham, Director; himself is an Olympic Gold Medal winner as a Rifleman. Their system specializes in the field of personal performance enhancement.

Gina listened over and over to the CD; she made an appointment with Heather. Gina and Heather skyped, on a regular basis. When in Dallas for the MRA Clinic, she met with Heather. She prepared herself for whatever the outcome may be at the conclusion of the 2014 MRN Pageant. Her self-confidence was the focus.Joni 2

One young lady, that was visiting NEBRASKAland DAYS for the Miss Rodeo Nebraska Pageant was Miss Chenae Shiner, 2013 Miss Rodeo America. I expressed the fear I had for Gina running again for MRN and what it could do to her self-confidence and Chenae said “I competed three times, I knew I wanted my State Title and go on to compete at MRA – if you want it bad enough you will work hard enough and succeed whether she wins the title or feels accomplished for competing again.”

Three nights later the announcement came; PRCA Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame announcer, Mr. Hadley Barrett said “the winner is Miss Gina Jespersen, your 2014 Miss Rodeo Nebraska”- she climbed on her horse after the crowning with MRN 2013 Miss Sam Chytka and MRA Chenae Shiner placing the crown on her hat and as she rode around the arena for the first time. Hadley saying, “Oh what a Pretty Little Lady she is!” in the background the music played How “Bout Them Cowgirls…

The Miss Rodeo America Pageant was a year- long work in progress; one of the pieces Gina worked so diligently on was her self-confidence through Mental Management! In December of 2014 Gina Jespersen’s name was called as one of the Top Ten at Miss Rodeo America; I squeezed my husband’s arm and said “that’s our daughter!”

Self Confidence takes you in any direction you choose; Mind Over Mental Management has taught Gina how to manage her mind in any situation! Yes, our daughter has learned lifelong skills as Miss Rodeo Nebraska, she cherishes the most wonderful year traveling the United States representing her state Nebraska and sharing experiences with her State Queen sisters; whom will remain special friends for life!!! The MRA Pageant week was one of the best 10 days she could have imagined….

What’s not to love? Right? Sharing Rodeo Queen Experiences with your Self Confident daughter!!!


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