What A Queen Committee Expects from Their Queen

Nyla2This piece was written by our guest blogger – Colorado National Director Nyla Bristow

Every young woman who serves as a representative of a group, event, state, etc. brings a unique personality to that position. Those of us who work on the committees that govern those groups look forward to getting to know and work with each individual.

That being said, there are some givens that we expect from every young person we have the pleasure of working with. First, always try to be positive. A pleasant personality goes a long way. We would expect any feeling of entitlement be left at the door. We all work hard for the organizations we represent and that includes the prizes and activities that are presented to the queen. Never should you stand back and “expect” certain things, even if they have beenpostivity presented to queens in the past. The world is ever changing and the circumstances surrounding an item or event may have changed. If it is important to you, then see if there is anything you might be able to do to get it back, possibly not for you, but for queens in the future.

Which brings a second thought. You should always be thinking about the “legacy” that you will be leaving for future young women that will follow you. Will the people that interacted with you always think of you in a positive light and will future girls want to follow in your boots because they were so awesome? You want to leave the title even better when you are finished than when you started.

One last comment. Try to communicate as much as possible with the committee. The problem is usually not enough communication, rarely is it too much. It can cause hard Legacyfeelings when things happen or don’t happen because of a lack of talking, texting, or whatever method works for you and your committee.

We are here to support you and we hope you are here to support us as well. Everyone wants it to be a good year for both parties. Have fun!


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