MRA Scholarship Foundation Week of Giving

Debbie Dilley-COWritten by the Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Treasurer, Debbie Dilley

I am excited to be able to talk about the third annual Miss Rodeo America Week of Giving on the Miss Rodeo America Blog. The concept is based on a successful fundraising idea in several states that tries to entice people to give to a charity during a set time. Moving into the social media world is something that all MaryShaw_graduatesuccessful businesses and groups must consider in today’s times. We raise funds during this week using ONLY social media.

Since our inception we have awarded almost $900,000.00. This year we will make available to the contestants $102,500. Every contestant will get at a minimum $1,000 in scholarships just for having made it to the MRA Pageant. The money raised this week will help these young ladies continue their educations. We have recipients who are lawyers, veterinarians, college professors, T. V. personalities, teachers and many other professions.

Our goal has always been to spread our name and organization outside of our small MRA family. Lauren Scholarship photoWe recognize that we need a larger group to donate to us. We ask the contestants, pageants, sponsors and members to share flyers about the Week of Giving and encourage all of their friends to share these flyers with their friends along with considering giving. That is an easy way for us to be able to spread our name and word to a much wider crowd, many of whom would have some knowledge and possibly would want to support us.

This year’s week of giving is in full swing and ends November, 2WOG2015 Flyer-Updated. Below is the official flyer, please ask all of your friends to share it on their page and also to consider giving. Since inception the Foundation has given almost $900,000 in scholarships.

Our generous sponsors, Wrangler, Montana Silversmith’s, Rod’s, Tarter Farm and Ranch are recognizing all donations with a gift to each donor during this time.

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