Meet The Queen: California

California 5Carollann Scott

Miss Rodeo California

The most common question I have been asked this year and even in my whole life is an easy one – Where are you from? But the follow-up questions become a little more difficult. I usually explain that I live in northeastern Los Angeles County. The next question definitely goes something like this – “They have cowgirls in LA??” The answer to that is yes. I live Agua Dulce, a town that is highly populated with horse people, team ropers, cowboys and cowgirls such as myself. But I will admit I was the only rodeo cowgirl in my K-12 private school and many of the cities around me are filled with people that do not understand rodeo. The cool part about that is that I was able to be an ambassador for my sport at a very young age. I was constantly trying to teach people more about rodeo and explain my life that seemed so foreign to others. In fact it was from the constant attempts to teach others about rodeo and share with them my western heritage that lead me to want to be a rodeo queen.

To me, being a rodeo queen is about the people you meet. As Miss Rodeo California I have met so many great people and built so many friendships. It is these relationships that I cherish the most and will remember forever.California 6

Competing in the Miss Rodeo California pageant I was able to get to know the other girls, the judges and the committee. California 1Immediately after I won the title I felt an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement from everyone involved. From October to January I wondered what my year might look like and told people how I thought it would go. But now that I am halfway through my year I can say I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no idea how many friendly faces would greet me as I traveled, and I had no idea how much I would cherish every smile, every hello and every goodbye.

California 4I should have known from the first day of 2015 that this year could be defined by kindness and generosity. Being from southern California joining in on the Tournament of Roses Parade was a dream come true for me. The Norco Cowgirls Rodeo Drill Team opened up a spot for me to walk that cherished road. I hope in the future I can help every Miss Rodeo California have the same experience on January 1st.

California 2The first rodeo I attended was the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. Building friendships with the other state queens was something I never realized would mean so much to me. I have the utmost respect for not only each state queen but also every girl that even signs up for a chance to be a state queen. The duties and responsibilities of a state queen are endless and I commend every young woman who says they are willing to give it a shot. In Denver I was able to build relationships with not only the other girls but also many of our sponsors. It is still shocking to me when sponsors want to do so much for my fellow rodeo queens and me. I am so appreciative of their support.

What I believe to be the most important part of my year is the California rodeos. I have had the privilege of being a part of so many rodeos this spring and meeting so many outstanding rodeo committees, fans, queens and competitors. So many people have done so much for me. I am so thankful for those who hosted me at their rodeos. I am so thankful to Springville Rodeo committee for signing me up to do the hide race an extra two times. I am so thankful to Jodie Moffat and the Oakdale Saddle Club for giving me the biggest pen on the property for my horse. I am so thankful for the parking committee at Red Bluff Roundup for becoming an impromptu car wash crew. I am so thankful to the California 7Bakersfield Stampede Days queen committee for immediately treating me like family and continuing to support me. I am so thankful to the Ramona Rodeo committee and the Honeycutt’s for letting me announce slack. I am so thankful to the Santa Maria Rodeo committee and Reno Rosser for letting me compete in the motorcycle verse horse barrel racing. I am so very thankful to Brett Rogers at Glennville Rodeo for filling my truck up with fuel because I missed the part where Glennville is 55 miles from any fuel stations. I am so thankful to Ty Wivell and the Sonora Motherlode Roundup Committee for making me laugh so much and treating me like one of their own. I am so thankful to the California Circuit Finals Rodeo committee for including me in so many different events already including sending me to the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo to represent them.

California 3Growing up in the rodeo community I have always believed rodeo people are the best kind of people. This year has further proven that theory. I look forward to continuing my travels in California and across the nation and cannot wait to see whom I meet. I just hope one day I can give back to others the way everyone has given to me. I am eager to see what the rest of the year holds.


See you at the next big one!

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