Meet The Queen: Wisconsin

Wisconsin 6It’s the night of the big rodeo and a little girl dressed in sparkly white cowboy boots and a pink cowboy hat waits patiently for the excitement to begin. She looks up as the crowd roars and sees the glittering rodeo queens come racing into the arena carrying flags of all sizes and colors. Her face lights up as she watches them make each lap waving and smiling to the crowd, while their horses gallop around the arena. This entire experience has been more magical than she could have imagined it. For a little girl of four years old, each sight and sound is more exciting that the last, from the lights and the music to the snorting of the broncs and yells of the cowboys after each successful ride or run. This night will stay with her forever. Who is this little girl? Well that little girl was me.

Wisconsin 3Hello from the Badger State! My name is Lydia Berg and I am your 2015 Miss Rodeo Wisconsin. I was born in Wisconsin and moved to Dallas, Texas at the age of 3, where I developed my passion for horses. My family and I moved back to our hometown of Milwaukee,Wisconsin when I was 15 and I brought with me a love for horses, rodeo, and agriculture. My childhood exposure to both country and city life, in two very different parts of America, blessed my life with the best of both worlds and each has played a role in developing the individual I am today. It’s true when they say, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

Wisconsin 1When I am not using my degree in the area of beauty and wellness as a Master Hairstylist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I spend my time volunteering in my community, or with my horses. Through years of hard work and dedication to equine sporting, I have had the opportunity to compete in many different disciplines ranging from Mounted Shooting to Show Jumping. In my spare time, I also enjoy live music and dancing, as well as hunting, roping, and other outdoor activities.

As a representative of the great state of Wisconsin, I have made it my goal to explore all of the different aspects of agricultural here in America’s Dairyland. In addition to learning through first hand experience about Wisconsin’s dairy and beef production, I have plans to visit cranberry bogs and a cheese factory this summer to learn more about some of our major exports.

Wisconsin 2My time thus far as Miss Rodeo Wisconsin has been a true blessing. My first 6 months have been filled with fun, adventures and most of all wonderful people. I kicked off my year of travels at the National Western Stock and Rodeo (NWSS) in Denver, Colorado where I was a special guest at the 2015 Auction of Junior Livestock Champions. It was an honor to be a Wisconsin 4part of that fantastic experience. Soon after the NWSS, I traveled to Kissimmee, Florida and participated in the Silver Spurs Rodeo. We had many adventures on this trip including wrestling alligators and volunteering at the Give Kids The World Facility. From there, I traveled back to my home state for the Midwest Horse Fair and PRCA rodeo. This popular event holds the title of being the 3rd largest horse fair in the world and provided a great opportunity to meet and interact with fans of both horses and rodeo. Also this year, I have represented Wisconsin in the Black Hills Stock Show in Black Hills, South Dakota, Rodeo Queen Boot Camp in Ogden, Utah, Ram National Circuit Finals in Kissimmee, Florida, and countless events in the greater Milwaukee community. As I look ahead to my next 6 months of reign, I am looking forward to visiting Edgewood Rodeo Days in Edgewood, Iowa, Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Ellensburg Rodeo in Ellensburg, Washington, The Great Lakes Circuit Finals in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as all of our Wisconsin rodeos. Each of these events will once again provide me the opportunity to share my message to youth everywhere that they should always believe in their dreams and never give up.

Wisconsin 5From the land of the Cheese-heads,


Lydia Berg – Miss Rodeo Wisconsin

One thought on “Meet The Queen: Wisconsin

  1. Lydia you were so good talking with my daughter at the Stanley Rodeo fathers day weekend. She has taken it all to heart. And we have now figured out his barrel issue. HE’S A LEFTY! Who would have thought.

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