Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment: American Quality

tarterThis year Miss Rodeo America Business Partner, Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment, is celebrating its 70th anniversary and in those 70 years not much has changed when it comes to their quality, traditions, and company values. Today the company that started in 1945 is still owned by the Tarter family, now in its fourth generation, which celebrates their brand by honoring the original values that has created such a reliable brand after all these years. What started as a small company that sold and made handmade wooden gates has grown to be the largest farm and ranch equipment manufacturer. Their products continue to be made in the USATarter to ensure the best quality. However, they have grown and incorporated the newest technology in steel and manufacturing to guarantee that the strongest and most durable equipment is what reaches your farms and ranches. Today they have over 1 million square feet of production facilities and produce more than 3,500 gates a day. In order to put the best products on the market not only do they test all of their products on their family ranches before selling them, but they also put them through Extreme Challenges to make sure they can hold up against anything and get the job done.

Tarter3This week Lauren has been visiting with Tarter and touring their factories in Dunnville, Kentucky. She has been able to see firsthand what Tarter production is like. Their new slogan is, “Improving life on your land,” and it is easy to see that they live this motto every single day. They take great care and pride in manufacturing their products so that the farmers and ranchers that buy them can rely on them and go about their daily lives. For convenience, they also offer a live chat on their website where you can ask questions and get help during regular Tarter2business hours. To learn more about their products and watch some of their Extreme Challenges visit their website http://www.tarterusa.com.DS7_3688

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