Wrangler: Breaking Boundaries, Honoring Traditions

wrangelr logo

Wrangler is a company that has been clothing the western industry for more than 70 years! Their brand has become synonymous with professional rodeo, Miss Rodeo America, and the western lifestyle. While their brand and their clothing is always evolving one thing has always remained the same is their company values of, honesty, consideration and respect. As an organization Wrangler believes that its spirit lies within those, “who work hard, have fun and recognize courageous individuality.”

Just like all things, the traditional image of the American cowboy or cowgirl is always changing. Here, at Miss Rodeo America,dress3 we feel that today’s western person is known for being forward thinking, standing out in a crowd, and breaking traditional boundaries. However, just like the brand of Wrangler today’s American western person also holds true to their values of integrity, hard work, and the hero image that every little kid aspires to be. These traditional and innovative ideals are seen in the clothing that Wrangler has on the market today. Current with modern trends Wrangler’s summer clothing line features lace, pastels, patterns, and fringe.

dress2This summer Wrangler is releasing more dresses than ever before to satisfy a cowgirl’s need for country couture! Dresses made of sheer chiffon fabrics, lace, and cotton line the shelves of the Wrangler store and many western retailers across the country. These are the fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Both plain and patterned pastels are the colors for this spring and summer. These trends are also highlighted by their many new shirts and cardigans. The fit this season is very breathable and light weight. You’ll see a new style of pants from Wrangler, the palazzo pant. These pants, made of spandex or lace, are so comfortable you will feel as if you can conquer anything the day throws at you, all while looking stylish!


The women’s clothing line isn’t the only one that is evolving. Many new styles for men are also filling men47the racks. New Rock 47 jeans feature pockets with an edgier flair. From the stitching to the wash of the jean, this pant offers a more modern flair to a traditional cowboy jean. The Rock 47 shirts bring forward new colors and plaids for contemporary rock47 shirt1gentlemen. These shirts also feature scrolling patterns on various locations.

These are just a few of the new and innovative trends that the brand of Wrangler is incorporating into their extensive clothing lines. We will be featuring more of their recent initiatives as time progresses. Miss Rodeo America Inc. is extremely grateful to be able to represent this brand and we do so with great pride and respect. Also, a huge thank you to Wrangler for hosting Miss Rodeo America each year and featuring her in their brand photo shoot! If you’re in Colorado stop by the Wrangler store in Lone tree. Visit http://www.wrangler.com to see these new styles and find a retailer near you.


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