Meet the Queen: Arizona

Hello from the Grand Canyon State! ar

My name is Sammi Miles and I’m your 2015 Miss Rodeo Arizona. When I’m not traveling the nation you can find me in beautiful Mesa, AZ with my paint horse Oreo and Mini Aussie Raine. I’m currently 20 years old and after a lot of hard work and dedication I was able to graduate with my BS Degree in Communication from Arizona State University this past azDecember. After my year of representing the professional sport of rodeo I have plans on obtaining my Masters Degree. Currently, Oreo and I have the honor of representing our western heritage with the Cowgirls Historical Foundation drill team, preserving the past to protect the future. One thing that some of you may not know about me is that my main hobby includes dance. If I’m not riding in the arena you can find me shaking it up in a high intensity Zumba class or just plain dancing anytime, anywhere!


In my many queening adventures I’ve participated in school visits, parades, fundraisers, judging local rodeo queen pageants, and of course rodeos. I have already had the pleasure to travel to states such as Colorado, California, arizNevada, and Florida! I also have plans on traveling to other states as well such as New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, and New York just to name a few. Although, some of my favorite adventures were the ones right here in my home state! Oreo and I love performing at rodeos across Arizona because it gives us the chance to see the people who have supported this dream of mine since the very beginning. Having the opportunity to travel around the nation has allowed me to see and do things that I’ve never done before, I find that I learn something new everyday as I continue to do what I love by representing Arizona, the sport of rodeo, and by encouraging others to gallop down the path with ‘Miles of Smiles’.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Queen: Arizona

  1. Miss Rodeo Arizona 2015 does really travel the road of life with “Miles of Smiles”. She has a contagious spirit of appreciation of the world around us and looks for the good things to celebrate. Sammi Miles and her pretty Paint horse “Oreo” are a treat to the rodeo arena and our western heritage.


  2. Sammi Miles is a true class act cowgirl, and Arizona is lucky to have her as our representative! This spunky queen is always a joy to be around and has an ever present, oh-so-contagious smile!


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