Attitude of Gratitude

As rodeo queens and contestants you are fortunate to have many people that want to help you reach your goals along the way. Whether you are competing for a title or already have one, you have utilized the help of others. From sponsors, to host homes, and those wThankYou_Headerho take the time to help you study and prepare, it is important to be appreciative and grateful for all the help and support you receive from others. One of the ways you can show your appreciation is by writing a thank you note. Writing thank you notes is an art that has become lost among the use of today’s technology. Learning this skill now will be beneficial in the future. It is easy to write a list of people that you want to write a thank you to, but then upon returning home or traveling to the next rodeo time escapes you and this list is easily forgotten. Rather, utilize a few of these techniques to ensure that people receive them in a timely manner:Simple_Thank_You_Gift 1) On the last day of a rodeo personally hand them out to recipients. 2) Make it a point to drop them in the mail box before you leave the town. 3) Preemptively write them to committees and hosts before you go thanking them for having you attend. 4) Remember that the content does not need to be elaborate, just take the time to appreciate someone else. Another way to show appreciation is by leaving a simple gift with your thank you notes. Gifts do not have to be expensive! It can be as simple as baked goods, a nice notepad, or a small bag of candy or horse treats. A small gift can also be a way to feature your sponsors. Many companies make logo items to help promote their company. Ask your sponsors if they have extra items like this they may want you to pass out along the way. Items could be things like can coozies, logo mints, or pens. (Tip from Lauren:  Send something simple that represents your state or hometown. It is something that will be really memorable for the recipient.) IMG_8953 Lauren Heaton, Miss Rodeo America 2015 utilizes these practices on a daily basis. Lauren said, “I think hand written thank you notes are appreciated more now days, then ever before. For a young professional to take the time to express their gratitude and appreciation for someone else’s kindness, showcases maturity and respect but, only if done in a timely manner. I write my thank you notes on the last day of each trip or appearance, and drop them in the mail before I leave that city or town, that way it’s done and I don’t have to worry about getting them done later.” As a titleholder or contestant showing gratitude is your job. This is how a rodeo queen helps to ensure the program maintains the relationships with sponsors and supporters. Always remember that people do not have to give things or take the time to help. By showing your appreciation you will let them know that they made a difference to you!

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