New Official MRA Inc. Business Partner……….

Official Miss Rodeo America Inc. Announcement

Greeley Hat Works becomes the Official Hat of Miss Rodeo America.

The Miss Rodeo America organization would like to proudly welcome our newest business partner into our heritage of prestigious and gracious sponsors.

Her smiling face still hangs on his wall, a time faded autograph sheet, wearing Red white and blue with big brown hair under a white cowboy hat, she is the prefect example of rodeo royalty in the mid ’90’s. When Trent Johnson of Greeley, Colorado first met her in 1995, it was obvious neither of them knew where life would take them. He was a young apprentice learning the skills of thIMG_6957e trade, turning felt into custom creations. She was just crowned the 40th Miss Rodeo America and the 6th woman from Texas to wear the prestigious crown. Together in an old barn turned hat shop in Greeley, Colorado he steamed and shaped her hats, so she would look perfect while out on the rodeo road. Many years later she would go to be a TV Personality, Fashion Designer, Model and wife of a World Champion Rodeo Cowboy. He would go on to be one of the most successful and creative Hatters of his time, running his business like no one ever has before him. Its been 20 years since Trent Johnson met Jennifer Douglas Smith and his relationship with the organization has come full circle.

Beginning in 1909 Trent Johnson is only the 4th hat maker to own and run the long standing company. His first year as the owner he made 65 custom hats. Now he makes over 3,500 custom creations each year for customers all over the world. Clearly he knows what he is doing and has figured out how to be a master in Customer Service and this unique trade.

In January of 2015 Trent signed an official contract to become the Official Hat Company of Miss Rodeo America Inc and to serve a 3 year contract. With an incredibly long track record of making Rodeo Royalty look outstanding, it’s the perfect fit for Trent and Greeley Hat Works to be the newest face of Miss Rodeo America Inc.

For the past 20 years nearly every week a rodeo queen will find herself visiting Greeley Hat Works, whether its for a quick tune up or to order a dream fitting custom hat. Local queen, State queens and National queens all get the same outstanding customer service to help them make their jobs that much easier. Throughout the years Trent has passedIMG_6958 on his skills to retired rodeo queens giving them a place to work and show their creativity. He even has one working for him now, Sue Israel Miss Rodeo Colorado 1963! Trent loving refers to himself as the “King of Queens” and one of the local Colorado rodeo queens had a custom made Archer Monograms banner made for him, so he can truly be the king anytime.

Be sure to visit the hat shop next time you are in Colorado at 2613 8th Ave in Greeley, Colorado, or on the web at Trent is also a huge fan of social media and posts several times each day, so be sure to “follow” and “like” him. If  you can’t make it to Colorado, be sure to visit the GHW blog to see a schedule of where the GHW crew will be, they make stops all over the world each year, or visit a GHW retail partner to find your perfect new hat.

A few words from Stacy Bandock the Miss Rodeo America Inc Business manager:

The new official hat for Miss Rodeo America is Greeley Hat Works (GHW), owned by Trent Johnson ofIMG_6955 Greeley, CO. GHW will provide Lauren Heaton, Miss Rodeo America 2015 with a fabulous wardrobe of high quality custom hats to wear during her year and will last long after the crown!

But wait, that’s not all…..

Greeley Hat Works will also provide each Miss Rodeo state contestant with one $300 credit certificate good only for a GHW hat! The hat will only be available through Rod’s Western Palace.

But wait, that’s not all….

Greeley Hat Works will also provide all Miss Rodeo state contestants with a 25% discount on GHW hats ordered through Rod’s Western Palace for up to four additional hats!

**Contestants can purchase GHW hats through other retail partners, but it will be up to that retailer if they want to give a discount.

IMG_6956**All Miss Rodeo state contestants will have to purchase all hats needed for the Miss Rodeo America Pageant no later than the 17th of July each year as GHW and Rod’s

Western Palace will not pull retail stock to give to the girls at a discount. Miss Rodeo state contestants who purchase hats after July 18th of each year will not receive the credit to receive a GHW hat or the discount specified above.

**All GHW hats with upgrades, special designs, and custom fitting will have to be ordered separately through GHW.

The Miss Rodeo America organization is so excited to partner with Greeley Hat Works with their new three year sponsorship agreement.

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