MRA Fashion Forward Dress & Skirt Fashion Tips

Whether you’re a future Miss Rodeo America contestant or a fan, this blog is for you! This is the first in a series that will give you some insight on fashion forward trends and what rules Miss Rodeo America has to follow when assembling her wardrobe for events.
 paige and chenae
For this blog we will focus on dresses and skirts. As a rodeo queen of any level, you must maintain a professional appearance at all times. Balancing fashion trends and maintaining a professional image can be a challenge. This blog will break it all down for you and give you a guideline for selecting your Rodeo Queen attire.
Rules for Skirts and Dresses:
In the Spring and Summer months sleeveless dresses or miniskirts may be fashion forward and at fashion shows you may see plunging necklines. But Rodeo Queens have rules they need to follow. They need to be a shining example of how to wear all the latest fashion trends while maintaining a professional image. Miss Rodeo America Pageant rules state: skirts and dresses need to be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee, dresses should not show cleavage, nothing extremely low in the back, and must be longer than a cap sleeve, or you need to wear a jacket over it. Jean skirts and jackets would not be acceptable for a dressy event. Must wear hat, boots, buckle and sash at all events.
  chenae forward
Lauren recently attended the Western and English Show Association show at the Denver Market. She was able to meet and interact with many of the Miss Rodeo America sponsors. This picture shows Lauren with a new line of Justin Boots! Remember if you are in need of dyable queen boots, belts, jeans, and more check out the Rod’s Western Wear site in the Miss Rodeo America store. By purchasing these item through the link you will also be helping the Miss Rodeo America Program.
Skirts and dresses are always appropriate at fashion shows, luncheons and TV appearances; unless it takes place at a rodeo then jeans would be acceptable. If attending a more business style luncheon you would want to wear a jacket/blazer over your top or dress. If you cannot decide what you should wear to an event, remember it’s always better to over dress, professionalism is key. Miss Rodeo America is the face of rodeo, along with all Rodeo Queens across the country. Some people’s only experience with the industry will be time spent with a rodeo queen; this is why it’s so important to keep a professional image.
  Tip From Lauren:
With fashion, there’s a time and place for everything! I love the new trends of skirts and dresses that are becoming popular in the rodeo queen world. But the  younger and older girls need to keep in mind modesty, and age appropriateness when picking out trendier styles. Nothing should ever be more than 3 inches above the knees, and sleeves no shorter than 3/4 sleeves. Also, if a dress code says dressy casual, that’s when I wear knee length skirts or dresses, and long dresses or skirts for formal dress codes. I have a lot of professional looking styles in my closet right now, but all of them have classic western aspects to them. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on those outfits and I love it because it exemplifies the professionalism of MRA and how we’re trying to showcase MRA to sponsors and the western industry.”
 Check back for more in the #MRAFashionTips Series!
Guest Blogger: Heather Cannon is the Founder of Country Girl Glitz… Fashion Consultant- Specializing in Western Wear and blogger for Women in Rodeo, Women in Agriculture and the Western way of life. Heather Cannon shows women how to add Western Glitz to their wardrobes. From a fabulous girls’ night out to a company retreat to Nashville to rockin’ your boots in the boardroom, Heather will show you how to add some western flare! Look for a new blog series with Lauren Heaton on the Country Girl Glitz Website later this month.

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